Monday, 19 November 2012

In The Kitchen

Welcome to another week. I am up extra early today. 3 of us are heading up the coast for hubby to have a test done. The sun is up, I have been out to feed the dog in the the cool air; it is going to be a lovely day.

I love to spend time in the kitchen but not all my time. My kitchen needs to function well so I am always trying new ways of improving techniques etc to minimise food waste.

My kitchen is nearly 3 years old. I managed well enough in our old kitchen but my new one has been designed around us.  For example:

The drawer under the coffee machine was the home for the 'right sized' cups to use with the machine along with its bits and pieces. Milk is just across the way and the sink is to the left, so this little corner functions well 2 - 3 times a days.

We wanted a dish washer but not a full-size one so we chose a drawer. It is deep and I choose when I want to use it. Most days I wash up and leave the rinsed dishes on the sink to dry. I usually dry the utensils and put them away right away, but before the next meal the sink is clear of dishes. I probably use the dish drawer twice a week but more when guests have been for a meal. It is very handy.

This nifty cupboard is home for the entertaining stuff. You know, the serviettes, nice platters, bowls, heat mats, bbq tools etc. It just means all those things that you don't use everyday are out of the way and right there for when you do need them. 

I like to collect food scraps for my compost bins and so it has a spot for itself tucked away in the cupboard.

Now that you have been invited into my kitchen for a little look I hope I have been able to inspire you in some way in your kitchen...Dot

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