Wednesday, 7 November 2012


When I think of nature I love to get out in my veggie patch. It is a fenced off area out in our back yard. This time of year (Spring) is a very productive as the ground is warming up. 
The pot of parsley is growing well and is a bright healthy green.
Along the side of the fence is also a vibrant pot of oregano
I put an old, worn-out wheelbarrow to use and planted some peas. The wire is in place to deter the birds from eating the seed before they have time to surface for me.
We have been enjoying silverbeet for a while now in salads or just steamed.
Nestled in with the pretty snaps are sage, garlic chives and thyme. The pot contains ginger which hasn't come out yet.

After a long day, I am off to bed...Dot

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