Wednesday, 13 June 2012


When I thought of art I thought of the meals I plate up for the family but because I love to cook there is sure to be pictures always popping up on here with recipes included so I diverted my thoughts to what else I put my hands to.

Past, present and future art.
In the past I have made both my husband and myself a quillow. Mine is on the back of the chair, his is folded underneath. The quillows are rarely folded into a pillow but often used in the evening to snuggle under in front of a movie with our feet in the pocket. The purple teapot cover is used to keep our pot of green tea warm, and it works very well. Presently I am knitting myself a new jumper and have a circular needle in place to knit the neckband. Presently also, I am crotcheting dish cloths. I gave some knitted ones to my mother-in-law for Mothers Day and she loves them. The plan for the future is keep making some more to give away for gifts. I make them with bamboo cotton and they are very soft.

Future plans too are getting more UFO's done................Dot

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