Friday, 1 June 2012


Here I go, starting out in the world of Blogging. To help me to kick off, I am being prompted daily by a photo challenge set up by fatmumslim.
Mornings are my favourite time of the day. I am a lark not an owl and so that helps. My 'cricket' alarm sounds out at 6.30am and I embark on a walk about town.

The sun could not be seen early today and so this pic was taken just before I headed back inside (7.18am). The cloud formation is spectacular!!

While out walking, I have a pot of green tea brewing and on returning I settle down to enjoy over devotion time. I am currently reading the bible through in Chronological order and its up to Proverbs.

Today I made the girls and I a smoothie for breakfast. This is ready by 8am. Have you picked up that I like routine, hee hee. We always try to include fruit for breakfast.

Wow!!! This was taken at 11am. The sun was OUT!!! Being the first day of winter, it turned out to be a beautiful day, 10% chance of rain, which we got, and the clothes on the line were nearly dry; airing off now inside.

I realise my first post is very basic and I have had a lot of help setting up from my husband and daughter. We are a team and all work together well. Until tomorrow morning, Dot's signing out to go enjoy a Friday Night Movie with family.

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  1. Lovely Mumma! I am so gonna enjoy this. Just another avenue to keep in touch with each other over the distance!