Sunday, 24 June 2012

On your mind

It's Sunday today and we attended church. We have a lot on our minds now as the young motivational speaker challenged us in many areas of our lives. To find out for yourself you can visit
After coming home for lunch we went back down to church to attend the music workshop where we learnt 2 new songs and had a great time jamming together. This afternoon we have spent time skyping our family in WA. It was good the catch up with them all and find out what each other has been up to.
I have had an old recipe put aside this week to find a spot to cook it and today I pulled it out and cooked it to tack on to the end of dinner to make a total of 3 courses (used up leftovers). The recipe....

Jam Roly Poly

I served it up with cream, next time I will serve the leftovers with hot custard.

Hubby and I are going out again soon, must go and clean up.....Dot

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