Sunday, 3 June 2012

On your plate

After a sleep in today (8am) I cooked the family poached eggs on toast with homemade Green Tomato Pickle with fresh orange on the side.

It was yummy!!

By 10.15 we were all out the door for church. Today was the day our monthly newsletter was handed out as well at the latest Address Book.

I had to laugh when I looked up to see my daughters and neice engrossed in the new address book. I glanced about the room and most people were doing the same just before the service started.

We came home for lunch and later we all went to visit a friend to fix the fan on their heater. They were very pleased as now the rooms are all heating up well now.
The girls wanted to fix themselves some leftovers at home for dinner and hubby and I went out for a romantic $10 meal at the local hotel.

I chose Chicken Parmi with chips and salad. It was very nice, I was hungry, but I have on my list to try my daughters Parmi recipe which I know will be much better.

So that is what was found on my plate today. It was a relaxing day and we enjoyed catching up with friends and family. Until tomorrow.....Dot

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