Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Imperfect/Fave photo you've ever taken

First of all folk, BIG apologies, as the internet was down here yesterday and oh how we realised how much we use it. While using the computer, I don't know how many times I clicked on something while reading a downloaded document only to find it came to a halt very quickly. Then our printer would not work, so a quick list had to me made of what to do today when all was resurrected. I took some photos yesterday. The tree-fallers make a huge start, weather is too windy today for them to return, but they will be here again tomorrow. We already have a great view here, but we are fast becoming a beacon on the hill.

These are the trees that are going to be removed. The biggest tree is not shown in this pic, it is around the corner and shown below.

There's the big tree outside our window and limbs are being chainsawed off. One of our neighbours was trying to sleep as she was on night shift, said a little prayer for her.

Bit more missing. The limbs were quite large and I found myself a bit nervous everytime one hit the ground.

Not long now and this tumbled to the ground. I could not look!!! When the guys had left for the day, we all had a peek out back and were shocked.

See you tomorrow.....Dot

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  1. Jeepers, what a difference that will be! Won't be sheltered from any weather now!
    And poor Katrina. Hope she got some sleep.