Monday, 25 June 2012

Something cute

Hello. Most days when I start to think about what to write on my blog, inspiration and ideas soon start coming. I have got my lovely family and beautiful surroundings that I have been blessed with to thank for that. Today my girls were home on their days off and we enjoyed hanging out doing things together. My daughter cooked tea and I helped her make fettucine which she cooked up into a tuna dish. We all loved it and decided to note on the recipe to serve up to 6 next time as it was a big serving but we got through it. Toward evening I like to light candles and over the weekend while cleaning up I came across a candle I had forgotten about, so I placed it back down on the kitchen servery.

The base is a pale mint green which matches the kitchen. In the course of an evening it uses up one tealight.
I have had some help to clean up the kitchen tonight and now we are about to watch a comical movie. Not sure what it is until it fires up; its always left to be a surprise with little info. Good way to go.
Hope you have found something cute in your day today.....Dot

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