Friday, 6 July 2012


We purchased a couple of these chairs a few months back to sidle up to our servery. Occasionally they get used, especially when there are more people around. Sometimes my daughter and I sit up there and enjoy a cuppa together. To sit on a chair you need to have faith to do so. Someone sat on one of these chairs and the little handle you can see came out and fell on the floor. Thankfully the chair did not collapse, it just was a little scare. It was soon fixed. A few of our timber chairs at our dining table are getting a little loose, but hubby is a wonderful 'fix it' guy and will get to them soon I am sure.

Have a great weekend......Dot

Highlight: Tidied up the drive at back of house, looks great.

Thought: God is good, all the time. We have had lovely weather this week. Give God the glory for everything he provides us with.

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