Monday, 30 July 2012

last thing I bought

Hello!! The last thing I bought were a few supplies from our local IGA to make a yummy dinner.

No not chicken or turkey. The turkey went into the fridge for another dinner and the chicken drumsticks went into the freezer. They were both good buys. I picked up some sun-dried tomato pesto and packet of mixed pizza cheese to try. The sun was shining in the window so I left the dough rising there why we went for our Sunday afternoon drive to visit my inlaws.

And so we served pizza with salad. Yummy.
The toppings were pesto, onion, green capsicum, mushroom, corn, pineapple, cheese and fresh coriander. I had also put dried oregano in the dough. I made 2 large pizzas enough for leftovers tomorrow. Cold pizza, mmm....goodnight Dot

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