Thursday, 12 July 2012


I thought this made a nice photo of texture. This mat is underfoot most of the day.
Today here on our little patch of land, we have had some more trees taken down, an excavator started cleaning up, they will be back tomorrow. The main access (only access) to our property was blocked for a couple of hours, so my daughter had to find another access through rocky terraine. It made it an interesting walk home for lunch. Ideas are coming fast for ways to set up our new back yard. Idea for today was a type of gazebo barbecue area. The thinking caps are on.
My oven element stopped working today, good thing it was able to cook dinner last night for guests.

Highlight: My sister called around for her usual weekly catchup over coffee. (She has been away for 3 weeks)

Thought: What do you do when the oven is out? I have a Thermomix, need I go on? The challenge in 'meal planning' is on: slow cooker, steamer, frypan, stovetop....we have electricity to be thankful for. I don't mind a challenge, what about you? ..... Dot

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